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About Us

We are two best friends, Myrna Bocti and Rania Karam. We joined forces to bring about the most cool, urban approach to fashion and we call it MyRan, a womenswear brand that epitomizes contemporary wearable luxury.

In each collection, we focus on the journey rather than the destination to create a wardrobe with an eye on what’s trending down the road. The traveler's tale of a collection, that’s how we translate our viewpoints into tailoring, to create pieces reflective of ‘the now”.

We are both driven, career-oriented, yet fashion-savvy and experimental. Therefore we endeavor to develop collections that reflect that spirit, feminine yet edgy, while we break boundaries and explore the lines between feminine and masculine cuts. We select luxurious fabrics to uphold quality, focus on feminine silhouettes & smart cuts in our RTW lines.

MyRan's DNA

MyRan is a contemporary wearable RTW fashion line that showcases some of today’s most forward-thinking designs. The brand projects an elegant, minimalist

Aesthetic focusing strongly on quality, detail, understated design and craftsmanship.

Every collection carries a post-gender attitude, effortlessly combining urban lifestyle and contemporary culture with high fashion.